About us

We are a locally owned full service dog grooming shop as well as a self wash facility. We have been in business since 2008. We our located just SW of Parker Rd. and Lincoln Rd. in Parker. We are right by Camp Bow Wow, the doggy daycare. 


Our grooming is by appointment only. Our full service grooming includes bath, blow dry, haircut (if needed) nails, and ear cleaning. We do anal glands on all small breeds, but can do them on the larger dogs if requested. Please do not be late! Each dog is done start to finish in 1-2 hour blocks. Being even 10 minutes late may force us to reschedule you. We do not use cage dryers. We blow dry each dog by hand. This does not mean we are a cage free facility. Dogs must be able to wait in a crate until the groomer is ready and when they are finished and waiting to be picked up.

Many people ask for a price quote over the phone. Each pet is unique, even within the same breed. If someone calls and asks, "How much for a Goldendoodle?" we cannot give a specific quote. One flat price can't be set for any breed. Coat type, size of dog, home care, living environment, and frequency of professional grooming creates too many variables. We are happy to give a price range and a more definitive price once we see them in person. If a dog is matted, the severity determines what length we can keep the hair. We will NOT shave double coated dogs. That includes goldens, newfoundlands, huskys, shepherds, labs, collies, etc. Their undercoat is their thermostat. It keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Self Wash

The self wash is currently by appointment only. We provide shampoo, towels, dryers, brushes, ear wipes and aprons. You must be here 30 minutes prior to closing in order to use the facility. Our prices for the self wash are as follows:

30 minutes--$16

45 minutes--$20

60+ minutes--$25